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Amherst, Ohio Area Businesses! Advertise to OVER 7,000 people each month with On-Screen Advertising!

Amherst Cinema advertising includes all of the historical information, trivia and ads you see before every feature when you are at the movie theater. Our digital slides are designed to be conversation starters for waiting moviegoers. Carefully placed in each pre-show are digital slides from local business appealing to Amherst Cinema customers. When target audiences are watching in a clutter free environment, on-screen advertising has proven very effective in getting your message across. Digital slides increase consumer awareness of your business like no other advertising medium. And on-screen advertising is not only surprisingly affordable, it’s your best advertising dollar value!

Facts and Figures

The Amherst Cinema seats 315 people, offering up to 16 shows per week, with an average of over 7,000+ people per month attending various movies showing in the Amherst Cinema. Statistics show that the average moviegoer is in their seats up 14 minutes before a movie begins, and the average moviegoer will retain what they saw 78% percent of the time after the movie! The pre-show advertising program begins ten to fifteen minutes before each show, with your advertisement showing at least two times during each pre-show.

Don’t miss out, slots are filling quickly!

How else can you get your message to over 7,000 people each month?!
Secure your spot and get ahead of your competition!

Once an advertiser, your rate is guaranteed the same rate over the entire life of your continued advertising.
Where else can your business advertise like a large corporation for pennies per lead!?

Rate Information

amherst-cinema-advertising-as-low-asContact us for Amherst Cinema advertising rates (currently less than 1.5 cents per potential customer to see your message). All advertising must be prepaid.

Act Now! We limit the number of advertisers to increase the value of your message.

How do I get started?

An account executive will meet with you to help determine your Amherst Cinema advertising needs. Setup your free consultation with WSI Digital Marketing by calling us today at 440.387.4572!


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